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How Do you Suppress Bad Google Search Results?

There is a lot of reasons why you might want to suppress or remove content from Google search. If you’re like many American’s, there might be some unflattering content in Google’s search engine result pages about you or your business. AAERO PR, a Castle Rock born Denver PR Firm specializes in the removal or demotion of defamatory or unflattering content showing up in Google.


  • Mugshots
  • Negative Press on Self, or Business
  • Indirect Association (employee of your business, or franchisee etc caught negative PR affecting YOUR brand)
  • Unfair Accusations
  • Guilty by association

Suppression vs. Removal

The differences between search engine result suppression vs removal are pretty straight forward. Removal is the act of having a page permanently removed from Google etc. This can happen due to a DMCA takedown request, or some other type of legal action.

Content Suppression is the act of optimizing other webpages so they surpass the offending content in search resulting in suppression. Typically, suppressing content below page 2 or 3 will drastically reduce its visibility.

Negative SEO

Some Online Reputation Management firms use ‘Negative SEO’ as a tactic to remove a bad result in Google. Negative SEO leverages very spammy search engine optimization techniques designed to disguise a poorly-executed search engine optimization campaign resulting in Google penalties. This can however have a reverse effect and drive up the rankings quickly of the negative content. According to AAERO PR, this practice is not recommended.

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