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The SEO Father

Who is the father of SEO?

Several months ago I attended the B2B Marketing Expo where I spoke on SEO. Just to the right of the stage I was presenting on was the one and only, Bruce Clay. For those who live in the world of SEO know this is the guy who literally founded the industry and is speaking a few feet away was a bit nervewracking.

Luckily for me, Bruce was an extremely humble and nice guy. He was the one who got me into the SEO world indirectly due to the fact I couldn’t afford to hire him. Little did I know, that was a huge blessing because 19 years later, 3 SEO companies later, here I am doing something that has created a wonderful lifestyle for my family while building wealth for my clients and employees.

Now that you know a little bit more, pop on over to my recent blog on Altitude Agency talking about who the father of SEO is and how he influenced me to become an SEO Expert.

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