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CRCO Launches Live Remote Service

Are you ready to experience the best entertainment around? CRCO, Castle Rock’s largest online news source and social media network has just announced they will now offer live, on-site remote promotional services for establishments and special events around Castle Rock.

What is a live remote?

Back in the day, live remotes were dominated by TV and radio stations. Typically, a live remote would involve the radio station or TV station coming out to broadcast live from a special event.

As of late, live remotes and the effectiveness of live remotes have exploded online. With less people watching TV and listening to radio, this type of media delivery has exploded and CRCO has just the platform to ensure your event is a wild success.

Whether you’re hosting a special event or having a grand opening, CRCO will pre-promote your event through their massive network of readers and social media followers then provide a live broadcast the day of your event. While many media outlets who perform live remotes do minimal marketing, CRCO brings a team of entertainment specialist designed to make your event a blast and a huge success.

To learn more, or to get a quote on your next event call Sean at 720-940-9056.

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