Live Streaming

Do you have a special event that you’d like streamed live? Whether you own a local theatre, need extra promotion for a local or event, or you want to stream your special someone’s wedding to those who can’t make it, Castle Rock Advertising has the perfect solution for you!


  • Single or Multi-Cam
  • 720 – 1080p UHD Streaming
  • Stream to multiple platforms 
  • Secure Password Protected Streams Available for Private Events

Additional Equipment:

  • Mackie 12 Ch. Mixing Board
  • 4 X 1200W Speakers
  • Fog Machine / Dance Lights
  • 3500 W. Powered Inverter
  • WiFi Hotspot for locations without internet 
  • Lighting & Staging


Pricing is dependent on your needs! Call us today at 303-731-6588 for a free live streaming quote for your next event!