CRCO Group Sponsorships

With over 200,000 members in our network, CRCO / Shop 5280 Group Advertising has become one of the most effective, low-cost advertising solutions around the Denver metro area.

We pride ourselves on helping local residents connect with only the best local businesses around which is why we require all sponsors to be legitimately registered business, carry local licensing & insurance when required, as well have a great reputation and the willingness to resolve customer issues timely, and professionally.

Do you have what it takes to be an approved CRCO / Shop5280 Sponsor? 

Here are a few housekeeping rules: Sponsors are limited to 1 post per week and for best response, we encourage the post to be natural and contribute someway such as offering help, advice etc. Each sponsor must be on our ‘approved sponsors’ list and each post must contain #CRCO411 at the bottom of the post.

Signing up is easy, use the form below to select the sponsorship package that best fits your needs.


By signing up as a CRCO / Shop5280 Sponsor you agree to not post more than 1 time per week and include #CRCO411 at the bottom of each of your post which alerts admins as your sponsorship status. CRCO / Shop5280 only allows legal entities who provide exceptional service. Should we receive any complaints you agree to resolve in a timely and professional manner. Multiple complaints may result in removal from our sponsorship program. All payments are final and no refunds will be offered. We require 30 days written a notice to cancel services which can be emailed to