Explore Castle Rock (CO-OP)

Castle Rock’s First Small Business Co-Op

Castle Rock Advertising believes in local. So much, we dedicate nearly 100% of our efforts to helping consumers connect with independent, locally owned businesses in Castle Rock. On Sept 15, 2018, Castle Rock Advertising in partnership with the locally owned businesses in Castle Rock will launch the first ever, true co-op for only Castle Rock owned businesses. This new co-op will be called ‘Explore Castle Rock,’ and will be the first-ever platform where residents can shop locally owned businesses.

Co-Op Benefits to Small Businesses

  • Low ‘Co-op’ entry membership fee (starting @ $35/mo)
  • Massive Visibility & Awareness Through CRCO Partnership
  • Co-op contribution to the small business community as a whole
  • Co-op benefits from additional services like digital marketing, print and more.

Community Benefits

  • Central location to find and support locally owned businesses.
  • Easy to find the products & services you need locally.
  • Shopping ideas and collaboration through the small business network.

On Sept 4th, 2018 – local businesses can register for our ‘founders package’ which allows them to keep their introductory pricing for as long as they hold an active account. Their profile will also include a ‘founders’ badge which lets the world know they were one of the founders of the Castle Rock co-op initiative.